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27th of April 2024

27th of April 2024
Well, to be honest I need to admit that yesterday and today I've found it slightly difficult to focus on Ancient Savo development. Or, that the development has been slower than usual, since every 15 minutes I feel like checking if someone has commented the Ancient Savo profile at Steam, or the related promotional posts I made. So far it seems that reddit has been most active. I noticed that earlier every time I have publicly mentioned Enormous Elk having a side project, another game in development, there has been at least one negative comment, someone telling how they'd wish us to drop everything else and only work on UnReal World, implementing those features what that person has been waiting for - and every time I've clarified how I see Ancient Savo as an attempt to become a full time indie coder so that I'd finally have more time to contribute to UnReal World development as well. (In other words; seems like this also touches some of my childhood traumas, as I see such situations as people being annoyed not because of facts, but because of them misinterpreting things and then getting mad because of things they imagine themselves). Huh, well, but this time there has not yet been a single negative comment. And I managed to fix all the bugs I had on my list before the next beta version release, so I hope that will be the schedule for tomorrow.
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