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8th of March 2024

8th of March 2024
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Life in the Finnish darkness..

There is a darkness-related story to this picture;

This week I haven't had any paid work, so I've mostly stayed at home coding Ancient Savo, about 12 hours a day. One of the things I've been working with is a Python script to generate trees in Blender, and that Friday I got the script to work good enough for my purposes. So I was hoping to post another development screenshot of the newly generated tree models (spruce, pine, birch) in action, used in that test program which shows a dense forest of trees. OK, importing the models from Blender went well - almost. But somehow the imported models appeared a lot darker than what they were in Blender.

Some time around 11pm I was thinking about posting an in-development screenshot of a messed up display of all-too-dark trees. (As I think that it is good to post also failures and partially finished stuff, instead of trying to maintain somehow unrealistically polished stream of "the best moments" or something. No, I'd like my picture feed to show life as it is.)

But I also wanted to solve the problem, trying to figure out what causes the imported models to appear too dark. After a little bit of experimentation and searching the net I realized that there is something called "linear color space" which is different from the plain sRGB which I've been using. I was getting closer to fixing the problem, but also it was getting closer to midnight. So, at 11.40 pm I decided to take a short break from coding, and walked 100m to my mailbox to fetch the mail from past few days (yes, I haven't even visited the mailbox, it has been too far away for my mind which has been fully immersed into the coding. I think the farthest I've been from the computer is the shelter and the fireplace at my backyard, where I cooked the dinner one day.)

So, the picture of that day is taken some fifteen minutes before midnight. After having that short break I wrote a piece of code converting color values from linear to sRGB, and got the desired result. But it was already close to 1am, so technically Saturday. Well, let's see what will be the picture of the day for today, which is that Saturday.

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