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9th of March 2024

9th of March 2024
At half past ten pm. Enough coding for today. I think I got the colors and lights corrected (in addition to the color space mismatch there were also two actual bugs). There is still some more testing and adjusting to be done before integrating the new 3D system to Ancient Savo. Now, I don't remember what I have already told here, and what I've written in the project Discord, so sorry if I'm repeating myself; I aim to design Ancient Savo modding system to be very flexible. But 3D graphics has been one of the bottle-necks, for the game could not directly read any of the formats supported by Blender, so models from Blender needed first to be exported to a specific format, and that was then run through a conversion program. Sure, it was doable but not very convenient. Now, the new system is able to load .glb format, which Blender can export to. This makes my own development easier. And modders with modern graphics cards could easily replace my 3D models with more realistic ones.
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