You are in the woods

You are a homeless bard called 'The Wandering Vagabond', driven by an endless wanderlust. You make your living mostly by wandering from a hamlet to hamlet, singing tunes and telling stories for people to listen. In exchange they offer you food and a place to sleep for a night.

You have spent the entire summer in the north, fishing, trapping, chatting and bartering with tribespeople. When the first signs of autumn appeared, you decided to head to Reemi for winter.

Carrying all of your stuff in a backpack you've been hiking for a month or so. For a fortnight you've been following a waterway which started as a small stream but now is a river. Luckily, the occasional rapids have yielded trout and salmon to eat. But you haven't met a single person for a long time, and it starts to lower your morale. You are not entirely sure but you'd guess that following the waterway should take you to Kiesse lands, from where you know the route down to Reemi. But you have no idea if it will be a week more of solitary hiking until spotting the first Kiesse setlements. Oh how it would be nice to hear other people talking and laughing!

Today in the morning you wake up early, pack your stuff and go on following the river which runs eastwards.

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